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Support As Needed, When Needed

Schedule counseling on your timeline. Nothing's too big or too small.

There's a Path for You

No matter what your goals are, there's a way to get there. We believe mental health support comes in many forms and that working together is the best way to achieve your goals. Whether you need as-needed counseling, immediate crisis support, or free site-based and peer counseling, there are many ways to get the help you need.


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As-Needed Counseling

Our goal is to make it easier to get an appointment when you need it. Most of our counseling slots are available for students to book online through PatientLink or by phone on an as-needed basis. If the best plan is longer-term, we'll collaborate with you in planning your next steps. 

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Crisis Support

If you are in a crisis or emergency, please call us or drop in during business hours instead of scheduling online. We have same-day crisis support options available for students in immediate need.

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Schedule Online or By Phone

Appointments open 8 days in advance, and new appointments open for scheduling every day. Here's how to schedule:

1. Schedule through PatientLink or call 520-621-3334. 

2. In PatientLink, click "Schedule an Appointment" under Appointments. 

3. Choose a Counseling & Consultation Session time, provider, and in-person location that works for you. Plan to arrive early to complete paperwork on the day of your appointment.

Scheduling Tips

  • look for an appointment first thing in the morning
  • check all CAPS locations
  • we often get cancellations in the evening or overnight, so that's also a great time to check
  • If you're having trouble finding an appointment online or you're a parent or not an eligible student and have a question, give us a call.
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What to Expect In Your Counseling Appointment

CAPS counselors take a collaborative and individualized approach to your care. In each session, you'll talk, learn, and collaborate in creating an actionable plan tailored to your specific goals. Your counselor will also gather important information about your symptoms and mental health history that will help them make recommendations and any needed referrals for your care.

Depending on what comes up in a session, your counselor can help you: 

  • learn coping skills and tools​
  • talk through a stressful situation and make an action plan​
  • understand recent thoughts, feelings, and behaviors​
  • get connected with other services (at CAPS or someplace else) like medication management, groups, workshops, or longer-term counseling

Find the Right Fit

We want you to start counseling with the best possible match. Search our providers by identities, specialty areas, treatment approaches, and payment options. Then, schedule a Counseling & Consultation session through PatientLink to get started. Our site-based counselors also offer free mental health support through Cultural & Resource Centers, departments, and student centers.

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What Happens After Your Appointment?

As-Needed Follow-Up: Take some time to follow the steps you and your counselor listed and schedule another appointment if/when you need to meet again.

Referrals: Your counselor will help connect you with other services that may be included in your Care Plan. When the best plan is outside of CAPS or additional referral support would be helpful, your counselor can also request support from our care coordination team. Depending on the next steps in your Care Plan, your counselor or other CAPS providers will contact you by phone or through our secure message system in PatientLink.

Longer-Term Options: We have limited slots for brief counseling and longer-term individual care, often given to students with access to fewer resources. We'll work with you to create a longer-term plan if needed. If the best plan is outside of CAPS, we'll help you get connected. 

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Site-Based Counseling

Free mental health support at select Cultural & Resource Centers, departments, and student centers. Schedule through a secure online form.

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Survivor Support Services

Support for student survivors of sexual violence. Schedule by phone or our online form.

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Peer Counseling

Free one-on-one support and identity-based groups led by trained UArizona students. Refer yourself or someone else online.

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Care Coordination

Care coordinators offer free assistance connecting you with campus and community resources. Call or schedule online through PatientLink.

More Counseling FAQ's

Have a question? Give us a call or view or FAQ page.