Navigating Services After Hospitalization


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Support In Taking Your Next Steps 

At CAPS, we want to help ease your transition into outpatient services following psychiatric hospitalization. Before you are discharged, your discharge planner may call CAPS to consult with a member of the Care Coordination or Counseling teams to discuss the next best step for you. Your discharge planner will be asked to share paperwork from your stay in the hospital in order to best assess your needs.

A few paths students take following hospitalization include:

  • A collaborative consultation with a Care Coordinator. The Care Coordination team can recommend the services or resources that best match your needs. 
  • In most cases, off-campus services are recommended as your next step following hospitalization. A Care Coordinator can recommend potential providers and clinics that would work best for you.
  • Free services in the community for students with AHCCCS.
  • Keeping a previously scheduled CAPS appointment where you can consult with your provider about your next steps.

Please note that CAPS offers brief treatment for both counseling and psychiatry and is not considered a crisis clinic.


For more information, call CAPS at 520-621-3334.