Notice. Care. Help.

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Supporting Mental Health Together

You don't have to be an expert to help. All of us can play a role in supporting mental health and wellness in our campus community.

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Mental Health Is a Community Concern

We all have mental health, and each of us can play a role in supporting mental health on our campus. By promoting awareness, reducing stigma, and providing resources, we can work together to create an environment that makes it easier to ask for and give help. 

Worried about a Wildcat?

If you've noticed signs that a student in your life is struggling but don't know how to help, use the steps in Notice. Care. Help and encourage them to take a next step. That next step could be a self-care or coping strategy, reaching out to an important person in their life, or getting connected with professional services like CAPS. There are many ways students can get started at CAPS, from as-needed counseling and crisis support at our main locations to free site-based and peer counseling. 

Students and anyone concerned about student can also call CAPS 24/7 to consult with a mental health professional. 

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Notice. Care. Help.

Notice. Care. Help. is our motto, and it's how Wildcats can take care of each other. Through these concepts, we can: recognize the signs that someone’s struggling, talk more openly about mental health, wellness, and self-care, and create a more welcoming and caring environment in our various communities. 

Learn the steps:


  • Learn the signs that someone's struggling.


  • Talk about mental health, coping, self-care, and resources.


  • Offer the level of help you can in your role and encourage taking a next step.

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