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Supporting Mental Health as a Campus Community

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We're here to help you support the students in your life.

University faculty and staff may be the first to notice when a student is struggling. You may also be the person a student feels most comfortable going to for help. This puts you in a unique position to support mental health on campus. We're here to help you support them.

Call & Consult

When you're in doubt about how to handle a student concern, call us at (520) 621-3334. A CAPS professional will return your call and problem-solve with you about situations. If someone you know is in an immediate suicidal crisis or emergency, call 911. View more crisis support resources.

Recommended Syllabus Statement

Use your syllabus as a mental health and wellbeing tool with this wellbeing syllabus statement.

Notice. Care. Help. 

It's our framework for supporting mental health and wellness as a community. Here's what it means:

Free Trainings for Faculty & Staff

Notice. Care. Help. for Graduate Students

Graduate students have many overlapping roles in the university where they may need to address the mental health of others. Graduate school is also a time when many students experience more stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges of their own. When we can address mental health as a community, everyone benefits. Join other graduate students in this interactive training as you learn how to use the Notice. Care. Help. framework in your personal and professional lives. Topics include learning the signs that someone’s struggling, reaching out and offering help to someone you're concerned about, creating a community of care, de-escalation strategies, and finding support for yourself.   

Spring 2024 Training Dates:

Additional Resources


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Tools for Student Supporters

Information and resources to help you support student mental health.

Student Supporter Toolkit

Campus & Community Resource Hub

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